Announcing the First-Ever OC Weekly-KCRW Hot Sauce/Salsa Contest!

A couple of years ago, I announced on this infernal blog that we were going to do a hot sauce/salsa contest. And then…nothing. I think I went on vacation or had to deal with internal politics or skinheads or SOMETHING, but I dropped the taco (kind of like Game of Burgers haha, but I'm getting there…) on what would've already been a tradition.

Anyhoo, it's time to resurrect that idea–and I have the perfect venue to host it. On October 5 and 6, my chica is hosting something called Patchwork Edible at the SOCO Collection in Costa Mesa, and she was gracious enough to let us participate. And KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food with Evan Kleiman is also gracious enough to co-host this contest with us.

So what exactly are we planning?


As I wrote so long ago:

We want to taste your creations, or those of your parents or restaurant, whether it's pico de gallo, pepper sauce, vinegary, fiery, made with fruit, nothing but jalapeños, or something else. Just stay away from liquid smoke, for chrissakes.

Details will come on how to enter your hot sauces/salsas/curries/hot stuff, but know right now there will only be two categories (restaurant/commercial and homemade)

Let me add for right now that a group of esteemed judges (Evan, the Forkers, and others) will serve as judge, jury, and executioner; the winner of each category will get a trophy; and the homemade winner will win $100! No chance this time for the public to taste the winners, because that involves permits and money and shit. Just let me get back from vacation so I can hash out the full details…in the meanwhile, start telling your mamis and tías to start perfecting that winning batch!

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