Announcing Stick a Fork In It's First Intern: Javier Cabral, a.k.a. the Glutster!

It's rare that any publication gets celebrity interns, but we at SaFII are blessed with that scenario: Today is the first day Javier Cabral joins our ranks!

Cabral is better-known in food-blogging circles as The Glutster, and he has already scored mentions in Jonathan Gold's column and the New Yorker, contributed to Saveur, made an appearance on Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern (as seen above) and Hell's Kitchen–all of this before turning 21. Youngster has writing skills to burn, a metabolism even faster than mine, and–most important–is from Zacatecas, my Mexican home state, thus contributing to the true Reconquista.

The Gluster has done some forays into Orange County, but he admits he needs to learn the lay of the land. We'll have him attend press junkets but really have him write whatever he wants about OC, the U.S. and the world. On our end, we hope to teach him how to piss people off even more than the amount he usually does–oh, and the glories of editing. He'll be with us until June or so.

Gentle readers: Join me in welcoming Javier to our high-falutin', nerdy Forker ranks!

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