Announcing OC Weekly's First-Ever (Mini) Lonchera Clustertruck!

Us Forkers are planning mucho food events for the rest of the year (Food tours, contests, booze–you know it! Details to come.), and I'm glad we were able to confirm this one: our first-ever clustertruck, on May 11 at the Fullerton Public Library.

It's a specifically themed one: Latino food. I'm teaching a class at Cal State Fullerton that involves having students take oral histories of the owners of Latino restaurants, from holes-in-the-wall to Mi Casa and others, and their final is to present some of them to the public, as part of my “Gustavo's Awesome Lecture Series!” at the Fullerton Public Library. Since we were going to talk about food, us Forkers reasoned, why not–you know–invite some of our favorite Latino loncheras, luxe or not?

So we did. The lineup after the jump!


Four loncheras will join us. Excuse the small number, as it's the Fullerton Public Library and, you know, this is an academic event, so we have to have some scholastic propriety. But the lineup is well-known and well-covered by nosotros, and damn good.

Piaggio on Wheels (@piaggioonwheels) will sling their choripan and Argentine-style empanadas that night, while Barcelona on the Go (@brcelonaonthego) brings the Spanish food that stirred us to call them OC's best luxe lonchera last year. Perhaps the most-famous food truck in OC right now, Dos Chinos (fresh off the pages of The New York Times) has agreed to bring in their SanTana-meets-Little Saigon fusion and hilarious tweets.

And, in perhaps the biggest coup of all and making their first-ever non-SanTana appearance: Alebrije's, the famed pink taco truck and home of the extraordinary taco acorazado that us Forkers write about every fourth post. These guys never leave their home base of the corner of Main and Cubbon streets. But they will for this event.

I'm going to try and get a fifth participant, but no guarantees … we need a Mexi dessert! Perhaps a paletero. Anyhoo, our lonchera clustertruck happens May 11, 5 p.m.-8 p.m. in the parking lot of the Fullerton Public Library, 353 W. Commonwealth Ave.,
(714) 738-6333. Admission is free, and portions of the sales each lonchera makes go to the Fullerton Public Library. See you there.

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