Animal Rights Group Wants To Check Anthony Bourdain's Liver

Did you hear that The Animal Legal Defense Fund, an animal rights group, wants to pay for Anthony Bourdain to check his liver for hepatic lipidosis?

The group, in a bid to draw attention to the cruel (or, depending on where you stand on the issue, delicious) production of foie gras, drafted an open letter to the Travel Channel host which goes like this:

As holiday tables are being set across the nation, we at ALDF are
deeply concerned that your notorious appetite could lead you down a
similar path to pathology by New Year's–which is why we'd like to offer
to have you tested for hepatic lipidosis, the same liver disease from
which birds fattened for foie gras suffer.

Bourdain, not known to let a good jab go unvolleyed, has responded with a Tweet in which he says the following:

Sweet of the ALDF, given all their time spent lobbying to get ducks the
right to vote, that they'd have a moment to worry about my health.

Bourdain responded, you can say that their tactic was effective (we are
writing about it, aren't we?); but the PR stunt still doesn't seem
nearly as impressive or memorable as some of PETA's frequent attempts to
get attention.

Remember when they sent a guy in a giant chicken suit to a local McDonald's? Remember when they had nude models showering up on the streets of LA? Now those were PR ploys!

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