Alternative Facts Altbier at Angry Horse Brewing in Montebello, Our Beer of the Week!

Angry Horse Brewing is more than just Montebello’s first-ever brewery It’s striving to give back to the community, that same community that helped Angry Horse by contributing to it’s Indiegogo fund back in 2014 when Gayle Michel, Luis Michel and Nathan Sewell came up with the idea of turning their homebrewing hobby into a full fledged brewery and tasting room. It’s a place where you can pick up wings and pizza from Alondra’s across the street and bring it over while you drink fresh brewed suds, lagers, IPA’s, marzens and stouts, all made with quality and sustainable ingredients.

Angry Horse Brewing is located right on Whittier Boulevard, with a nice outdoor patio and enough big screens inside to watch all sports. Food trucks are coming in a few weeks, as well as pop-up with Alondra’s (the Eastlos Chicano version of Perry’s Pizza). It’s only been open for about a month, but is already raging: they were out of IPAs, Pale Ale and Imperial Stouts the night I visited (new batches should be ready in a few weeks). So I stuck with the lighter fare, which were all tasty and on point. A Munich Helles lager (5.3 % ABV) was light, with a nice maltiness up front and clean finish—a perfect beer for Chicanxs, who all seem to prefer Ultra Michelob…BARF. I’m a huge fan of marzens, and Angry Horse’s version (5.2% ABV) is smooth and malty with hints of toffee and a nice copper color.

And then there was the Alternative Facts Altbier (5.5% ABV). It was my first time drinking an altbier, one of the oldest German styles of brewing, and it speaks to Angry Horse’s commitment to not just overload on IPAs but also going OLD SKOOL. The Alternative Facts was great tasting, rich, dark, with no bitter aftertaste. THIS is what weekends are made for—fuck that Michelob shizen!

Angry Horse Brewing, 603 W. Whittier Blvd. Montebello, (323) 530-0015;

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