Anger About Police Killing of Jules Collender Spun into Punk Rock Tribute Show Tonight

The death of Julian “Jules” Stanley Collender, a Yorba Linda skater who once owned a record label and store, was “heart-wrenching” for Sean Viele.

Viele was overwhelmed by grief. And anger: Collender, an armed robbery suspect, was shot to death by police outside the home of the 25-year-old's parents early June 30.

Rather than lash out, Viele of the punk band the Fisters organized a tribute show tonight in Fullerton. (The flier is after the jump.) 

David Viele, Sean's brother, and Kevin
, are also in the Fisters and, like the show's promoter, they have known Collender since elementary school. The members of Bronco Tatonka have known Collender since high school and Jules was once their manager.

Kill Kristy and the Large Mouth Bastards round out tonight's bill, which Michele Collender, Julian's sister, described as “mostly a punk rock show.”

Of Sean Viele's motives for presenting it, she said, “He wanted to put a show
together about Jules and for Jules.”

She explained, “Julian was all
about music; he loved all different kinds of music, punk, metal,
country, hip-hop. He had his own record label and shop for a while, and
was a big supporter of local bands. He was a walking encyclopedia of
music knowledge. So, this is a fitting tribute.”

Besides spreading love, organizers will be spreading a petition seeking answers from the Orange County District Attorney's Office into their young friend's death.

For more on this, see today's breaking Navel Gazing post:

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