Anepalco's Cafe Now Easier to Back Out of, And a New Dish!

Anyone who's ever eaten at Anepalco's Cafe, that gorgeous little French-Mexican breakfast-lunch spot near St. Joseph's and CHOC, will tell you that the dive's one sin is its horrific parking: right on busy Main Street, in a small parking lot that has customers backing in directly to traffic. Makes for a charming picture, but a nightmare of neck-stretching and using all the rear-view mirrors at your disposal, if not your beloved stepping onto Main and making the traffic stop.

Now, it's a bit easier: instead of Anepalco's parking stalls being perpendicular to the restaurant, it's now angled. Trust me: it's now easier. Oh, happy day! And there's a new dish to entice you for another visit: the huevos divorceados.


As usual, the chavos running the place give this Mexican breakfast of over-easy eggs topped with a red and green sauce on each side a gourmet spin. Instead of separating the two eggs with chilaquiles, they place slightly fried tortillas on the bottom of each egg. The yolk on each is only slightly cooked–it won't gush out when you stab into it but slowly leak, like a good egg should. Eat up, and remember: although the parking is better, you still have to back out slooooooooowly…

Anepalco's Cafe, 415 S. Main St., Orange, (714) 771-2333;

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