And Today's Coward Award Goes To…

…the man it should be named for: Catholic Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown.

Today, retired Australian bishop Geoffrey Robinson will speak at the Costa Mesa Community Center about his book, despite Brown's whiny letter trying to ban him from Orange County. The Orange County Register asked diocesan spokesman Ryan Lilyengren why Brown threw a hissy fit. “I don't think that Bishop Brown's letter is necessarily a comment per se on [Robinson's] message, it's mostly about being in unity with other bishops.”

Now wait a consarn minute, Ryan! Wasn't it Brown himself who settled the dozens of sex-abuse cases against the Orange diocese in the face of opposition against his brother bishops? Isn't it Brown who loves to brag about his pioneering efforts to combat priestly pedophilia? If Brown wants to repair his dark legacy, he wouldn't have uttered a word about Bishop Robinson's visit—he wouldn't have been a sheep. Instead, the bleating you hear rings from Marywood, as Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony pets his li'l, weakling lamb.

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