And Now for a Very Special Octomom Episode of The Orange County Interwebs Horror Show

Today's compilation of things said from or about Orange County goes all Octomom, all the time. As in the supermarket tabloids, La Habra's Nadya Suleman is a constant topic for those lighting up the series of tubes known as the Interwebs.

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard … to Throw Up Bloggers from Perez Hilton to everyday folks who don't frost their hair tips are chiming in on the announcement that Octomom has been invited by a West Hollywood milkshake shop to create her own special concoction for the Millions of Milkshakes fund-raiser for needy kids. It's unclear if the needy kids include Suleman's 14, who are apparently coming along for the ride. (

Halloween's Never Over for Octomom A roundup of scary faces includes you-know-who's along with this description: “Hey Nadya Suleman, we know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,
but stealing Angelina Jolie's face is a little low . . . even for Octomom.” If only a crude lookalike of Brad Pitt would come along and whisk her away . . . to Hungary. (News and Society)

A View from Some Joe . . . It has been confirmed by Joe here that there is enough love in the world for Octomom. The word of the Lord. (The World According to Joe)

The Counterpoint from an Average Joe “This lady is Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Dr. Phil all rolled up into one,” AJ says of Nadya Suleman. What he'd really like to know is where she gets her money. (Thoughts from the Average Joe)

I Know Kate Gosselin; I Watched Kate Gosselin; Nadya Suleman, You Are No Kate Gosselin The star of Jon N Kate Plus Eight wins the publicity-seeking breeder popularity contest on at least one site, which kicks off with this from “AngelBaby”: “If you watch the first shows about Jon N Kate, it was more about
showing the audience how they handle day-to-day life simply because that
stuff interests a lot of people. Nadia is nowhere on the same level as
Kate Gosselin, regardless of the person she is today. Plus, Kate isn't
the one who has to contact police to locate her children or rescue them
from locked rooms.” (Your Celeb Questions)

I, Robot The goal of search engine optimization is to get as many people as possible to view your online content. But based on a blogging and SEO tipster's tortured language under the headline “How to Manage Depression Short of Having Octuplets,” return visits are doubtful: “Nadya Suleman is a 33 year aged impoverished singular mother who not
prolonged ago gave bieing born to octuplets, recognised by in vitro
fertilization. She grew up as an usually kid as great as had regularly
dreamed of carrying a vast family. Reporters, pundits as great as
bloggers have called her insane as great as selfish, as she already has 6
young kids underneath a age of 7 during home. They contend it takes
some-more than adore to caring for 8 babies, generally if we do not have
a transparent source of income or sufficient await to assistance lift
them. The alloy who ingrained a fertilized eggs is being investigated by a
healing board. The risk of such a conceiving physically is not usually
to a mother yet additionally for a babies. There have been intensity
earthy problems which will need to be delicately monitored over a
entrance years. Likely there will be mental issues to bargain with as
well.” Um, yeah, what he said. (Ardisragen)

Between the Two Broods, a Mt. Whitney of Dirty Pampers People who visit the fan site of “America's Favorite Family,” the Duggars, who are planning their 20th child, are generally supportive. But when someone criticizes the Duggars, out come the claws of their defenders–and references to Octomom. “Now I'm confused,” writes one. “You belittle a married couple who has a large family
yet you don't have the same scorn for Nadya Suleman? Both Michelle and
Nadya are women who choose to have many children, one through marriage
and many pregnancies, one as a single parent and through a few
pregnancies. You belittle Michelle and Jim Bob because they put it in
God's hand family size and have 19 kids, yet my husband and I chose to
do the same thing, resulting in one.” The comeback: “Speaking of showing ignorance, I think you just shown yours. So what
are you trying to say, because Nadya Suleman had IVF treatments that her
children aren't a 'blessing from God?' I don't think God cares how a
child is conceived, if it has life, breathe God's air. It is still a
child of God and he will bless and welcome that child with open arms
same as he does children that were conceive though sex. Matter of fact,
it took a male sparm and female egg to make Nadya's children.” Hey, Joe No. 1, we need another love infusion. (18 Kids and Counting)

You've Been a Great Audience … Try the Veal And order it bloody. (Vid Nux)

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