Anaheim's ARTIC Station Finally Finds Crowds…as Setting in True Detective Finale

Apologies for the tardiness in this insight, but I've been in the hills of Kentucky doing…something. But as people have noted, Anaheim's much-maligned ARTIC bus and train station had an important cameo in the season finale of HBO's True Detective. We won't give away the ending, but let's just say it's as ludicrous as the rest of the season (and while we're at it: the original True Detective was even more ludicrous, and saved only by the women–think about it!)


What was remarkable about ARTIC's cameo, of course, is that it distorted reality. The station is NEVER that busy–not even close. Ridership figures that its proponents promised would be reached in its first year are nowhere near that level. Not a single restaurant has been opened. It's deader than one, or maybe two, or maybe three of the main characters in True Detective–wait, did we give away too much?

ARTIC, of course, has been widely ridiculed by anyone who isn't part of Anaheim's ruling class or has a hard-on for high-speed rail. An enterprising reporters–hey, Clam: where are you?–should dig up the contract to see how much money Anaheim got out of the deal, no? And speaking of good journalism: the Orange County Register's breathless cheering-on of the cameo shows how little institutional knowledge remains at the paper. The episode also had a cameo for the Santa Ana train station (which actually is as busy as it was depicted), but the Reg must've forgotten that it appeared in Rain Man while listing some of the films that Hollywood has shot in OC over the decades. Really, Reg editors (we're going to spare reporter Jenna L. Jones here, because she's obviously a newbie): it's more important to note that the Orange Circle appeared in That Thing You Do! instead of Rain Man. Fuck, even the Santa Ana train station's Wikipedia page has that factoid…PENDEJOS!

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