Anaheim School Trustee James Vanderbilt-Linares: The Bizarro World Loretta Sanchez?

A friendly source kindly corrected me on my post yesterday on the lack of Latino representation on Anaheim's elected government entities. He pointed out that James Vanderbilt, a trustee on the Anaheim City School District board, is actually half-Latino: his mom is half full wab, and he once ran for school board under his full name, James Vanderbilt-Linares.

That is…until Vanderbilt-Linares decided to drop the Mexi part of his name while running for a spot on the 69th Assembly District Republican Central Committee. Why drop the name, Jaime? Afraid all those GOP Know Nothing would deport your vendido ass?

His convenenciero stylings, of course, reminds county observers of the ultimate bicultural opportunist: the former Loretta Sanchez-Brixey.

Loretta, of course, famously ran for the Anaheim City Council as a Republican under the name Loretta Sanchez-Brixey until realizing Mexis hate Republicans and Mexi women who marry gabachos. Vanderbilt-Linares, to his credits, has remained Republican–bu why did you drop your mami's name, Jaime? Makes no sense whatsoever…but that's local Republicans for ya….

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