Anaheim Doctor Put on Probation, License Temporarily Suspended After Awkward Lunch Date With Teenage Patient

Hozair Syed, a doctor who lives in Anaheim, won't be able to practice medicine for the next month. Once he's done with his suspension, he'll be put on seven years probation, during which he'll be unable to practice on his own, treat female patients, supervise assistants, and a whole mess of other restrictions.

Why? Well, that's what he gets for taking one of his patients on what could be the most awkward lunch date since George Costanza's many escapades


Syed was disciplined after he overstepped the doctor-patient boundary in 2010 with a teenage mother of two by taking her out to lunch, trying to kiss her, telling her she was beautiful, and giving her money, according to documents from the Medical Board of California (MBC). The mother, referred to as “R.D.”, “first sought evaluation at the Riverside County Mental Health Clinic (RCMHC) clinic in Hemet … when she underwent an intake evaluation. At that time, patient R.D. was 19-years-old, married and the mother of two children, a 16-month-old son and a 4-month-old daughter. Her husband had just left her and she was under a great deal of financial and emotional stress.”

Something must've pulled at Syed's heart strings. After a series of examinations, Syed prescribed Zoloft, twice upping the prescription until the medicine took. During an October appointment, R.D. gave Syed a friendly hug before leaving, but the doctor kissed her on the neck and slipped $40 in her purse.

Before R.D.'s next appointment, Syed asked her to meet him for a meal the day of. They ended up going to a mall food court. The official record of the meeting is pulled directly from MBC documents. It's long, I know, but it's.. well, it's something good:

“Patient R.D. met Respondent at a fast food restaurant at the mall. He offered his food to her to eat. She said no. Respondent asked her, 'What, you don't want to eat after me?' During this lunch, Respondent asked patient R.D. how close her parents were from her. She told him down the street. Respondent asked her if she wanted to have fun. Patient R.D. asked him what he meant. Respondent asked her if she would like to go out and have a good time and hang out. Patient R.D. told him no. Respondent told her that he liked to swim and asked her if she wanted to go swimming. Patient R.D. said no. Respondent asked her why she was wearing flip-flops and told her she needed new clothes. After they were done eating Respondent asked her if she would like him to buy her shoes. She told him no. Respondent told her he would buy her a pair of new jeans. Respondent walked Patient R.D. to a clothes store and they both looked around until patient R.D. found a pair of jeans.

Respondent told her to 'hold them up to you.' Respondent said 'those are too big for you. You need a smaller pair of jeans.' Patient R.D. stated that she wanted the size she was holding. Respondent purchased the jeans and they left the store. He then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to him. Respondent also tried to kiss her. She pulled away from him. They walked out of the mall together and he asked if she wanted a ride. She said no. Respondent then gave patient R.D. a hug and tried to kiss her on the mouth. She pulled away and he told her that she was a very beautiful girl. He tried to kiss her again on the mouth and she pulled away again. Respondent told her that they would do this again and she walked away from him.”

Told you it was something.

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