Anaheim Council-Pendeja Lucille Kring: More Dog Parks Will Solve Homeless People Problem

Anaheim continues to be a doggy dogg world!

At Tuesday's city council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring spoke candidly about the benefits of dog parks. She championed hooch hangouts as a great recreational boost to the city that also drive away those pesky homeless folks. The Voice of OC jotted down her priceless “dogs first” parks policy. “It's wonderful for the dogs. It's wonderful for the owners, and it really keeps the homeless out,” says Kring!


Long before Kring uttered the obvious, Anaheim had already declared war on the homeless and used a new dog park as one way to clear them out. First, the city passed a camping ban two years ago just as the homeless began pitching tents on the north lawn of La Palma Park during the day. In March, they followed up by fencing off the area to open a new dog park, homeless be damned!

The city council approved a $1.1 million contract Tuesday to construct another dog park in Anaheim Hills (where few, if any, homeless roam). But Kring emphasized the need for one in west Anaheim at either Twila Reid or Maxwell Park to the thunderous applause of NIMBYs in the audience. The latter has been the site of constant filming of police and code enforcement interactions with the homeless by advocate (albeit anti-gay) R. Joshua Collins.

Cruel Kring also rambled on about how the city has curtailed church groups from feeding the homeless at La Palma Park as a good thing! The council-pendeja's comments come at a time when NIMBYs went on the attack against the county proposed homeless shelter site.

“We have received numerous resident requests for dog parks and continually look for opportunities to add them throughout the city, including in west and south Anaheim,” writes Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster in an email to the Weekly. “As we have seen at La Palma Park, dog parks are an amenity that our residents love and that can broaden and enhance the use of an existing park.”

But what about the homeless who get pushed out so that Fido can play Frisbee?

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