Anaheim Cops Accused Of 2012 Excessive Force Win Jury Trial, Expense Reimbursement

Hoping to collect at least $300,000 in damages as alleged victims of unlawful police actions in August 2012, an Anaheim man, who vomited on a cop's shoes, and his mother entered federal court in December and are emerging this month officially on the hook to pay the bills of two triumphant officers.

Plaintiff Steve Perez claimed Anaheim officers Stephen Craig and Stephen Salicos committed excessive force when they dragged him from his family's house during a 1:30 a.m. domestic dispute and beat his face bloody, a scene Perez's mother and co-plaintiff, Petra Feria, said caused her emotional distress.

But U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna issued Jan. 5 orders that finalized December jury verdicts in favor of Anaheim police officers Stephen Craig and Stephen Salicos, who insisted they'd used lawful force to subdue a heavily-intoxicated, combative Perez.


Craig suffered a left hip injury during the incident and the city received a related $2,762 medical benefits expense, costs Perez–who'd previously admitted resisting arrest during the incident–must now pay.

The plaintiffs claimed Craig injured himself while committing excessive force ignited by anger about the vomiting, the refusal of Perez to obey an order to go to bed and Feria's attempt to film the officers.

Inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Selna will also stick Perez and Feria with Anaheim's legal bills to defend Craig and Salicos, but hasn't yet determined the amount.

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