An Irvine Couple That Stays Together Violates Parole Together, Cops Say

An Irvine couple who, as part of their paroles, were not supposed to associate with one another—but are apparently magically connected at the neck tattoos—are back in jail.

Christopher Shopshire, 26, and Stacie Shopshire, 25, were on parole for crimes related to drugs, robbery, burglary and fraud, according to Irvine Police spokeswoman Farrah Emami.

Shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday, a vehicle was pulled over and both of them were in it—a violation of their paroles, Emami says.

Further, a search of the vehicle uncovered numerous counterfeit $100 bills, and subsequent searches of an Irvine home and Orange motel room associated with the couple turned up methamphetamine, heroin, prescription pills, fake checks and equipment for the manufacturing of counterfeit bills, the police spokeswoman says.

Counterfeit currency, a knife and a baton in their possession at the motel also amounted to violation of their paroles, Emami says.

Actually, Stacie’s tat looks to be more on her right shoulder than on her neck, but the mugshots do make it appear to be magnetically connected to the Black Flag ink her hubby’s got going.

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