An Irish Christmas

You’ve done Dickens and been to The Nutcracker, all terrifically familiar and required. So why not bust out early this holiday theater season, with the wearin’ of the evergreen, at a fun for-the-whole-clan Irish gathering (a hooley) of live traditional music, storytelling, step dancing, costumes and drama? Actors, singers and fast-stepping dancers are accompanied by musicians on pennywhistle, flute, bohran and button accordion. Both hardcore Southern California Eire-heads and those new to Irish culture and song can find the spirit of the Emerald Isle here, leaping, orating, stomping and singing, all courtesy of Kerry Records, which celebrates authentic Irish-style all year round. No prerecorded Riverdance foot-synching audio effects here—guaranteed real tapping. Have a Kerry Christmas and Erin go New Year!

Sun., Dec. 4, 2 p.m., 2011

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