An “Invitation Only” Restaurant Addendum To The Playground Revealed

Before you say it, yes, we do tend to write a lot about Jason Quinn's The Playground. It just seems to happen that way, because;

1) Gosh darn it, we like it and…

2) They keep doing blog-worthy things.

Now there's a planned addendum, which is effectively a NEW restaurant altogether. Here's the scoop, straight from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous:


Just wanted
to pass along some exclusive info on Jason's new place. It's a 17-seat omakase-style
bar/restaurant located in the tiny space behind the Playground that
Stephanie from the Seabirds truck was considering using. It will be
connected to the Playground, but all of the cooking will be done on the
line right in front of the guests and the menu will be totally
chef-driven, kinda like the new barista-driven Theorem. The name will be
(as of now) “Invitation Only” and it will literally be invitation only.
Customers need to be on the list, with invitations extended to friends
of the restaurant or customers they think are really nice.

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