An Art Gig for the Punk Connoisseur

The spirit of all-ages iconoclasm in Santa Ana—shouts to Koo’s Café, now and forever—lives on at Table 87, the kind of DIY autonomous zone that serves as show space, art gallery and culture incubator, too. And this event does all three at once, just like the title promises. Some examples on the music side: Fissure do ferocious Infest/Charles Bronson hardcore, Feel Nothing swerve more toward the Filth/longhair Black Flag sound and do a Negative Approach cover, too, and Otherized churn out punky hardcore with lyrics like: “Don't say that girls who make music all suck / If you've got passion then just do it!” And expect maximal multimedia work on the art side, with work by Brianna Meli (who does some notably intricate printwork), collagist Chloe Van Stralendorff and of course many more.

Sat., Jan. 31, 6 p.m., 2015

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