Amidst All These Music-Making Lakers, Will Kobe Ever Release His Hip-Hop Effort?

It's no longer just Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest making music while
donning purple and gold. Two-time champion power forward Pau Gasol,
amigos with fellow countryman and opera singer Placido Domingo, is
giving it a go in the recording studio. Following the conclusion of the
NBA Finals, the Spaniard laid down vocals on a fund-raising track titled
“Get it Together” for UNICEF. Thanks to
TMZ, a video of the session has now hit the Internet. Gasol's attempt at singing is a good try, but not nearly as talented as his multiple moves in the
post.  (Watch it after the jump.)


“Get it Together,” which has yet to be released, follows
psychiatrist-thanking Artest's rap single “Champion” which exceeded
by bobbin' more than a few heads since being released two
weekends ago.

Here's the official video:

Even former Laker reserve guard Kareem Rush has gotten
into the mix by releasing a new R&B single, “Hold You Down.” (Take a listen; it's definitely not bad either!)

all these Lakers past and present making music, will Kobe Bryant follow
the lead and revive his long shelved forays into hip-hop? The
Laker guard released two songs, including a collaboration with Tyra
Banks, years ago back when he sported number 8 and an afro. The
offerings from “K.O.B.E.” displayed a disjointed flow and odd points of
overemphasis on the lyrical tip.

Looking back, here's five good reasons why we think the
two-time Finals MVP should rethink any such possible notion of stepping
into the musical arena again:

1. Bryant might have five championship rings, but if he ever were to
release a rap album, the Source magazine wouldn't be so quick to give it five mics. Stick with cinco you've already synced up!

2. Speaking of the five rings, Bryant now has bragging rights over his
former Laker teammate Shaquille O'Neal. The Black Mamba would be wise to
not give the most dominant big man in the game's recent history any
lyrical ammunition to taunt “Kobe, how's my ass taste!” in future

3. It could potentially be more embarrassing than his now infamous
“white hot” photo shoot for the Los Angeles Times Magazine!

4. It took years for Bryant to learn how to trust his teammates and pass
the rock. Think of how long it might take for him to get the gist of
passing the mic once an album hits the streets–a much more frightening

5. Fan favorite pine rider DJ Mbenga may step up next and want to
release a gangsta rap album titled “Gang Mbenga!”

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