American Third Position Party Uses Tan Nguyen Signs to Promote their White-Power Party!

Oh, the racial hypocrisies and hilarity of the American Third Position Party–the group of convicted criminals, anti-Semites, homophobes, flat-out racists and Long Beach State professor Kevin MacDonald that has created a whites-only political party that seeks to deport all non-whites and codes its rhetoric with the sayings of terrorists–just never stops. In an April 17 post on their website regarding American TP participation in Tea Party protests on Tax Day, there are two pictures of members holding signs stating “Stop Illegal Immigration.” Above is one of the shots–good White people bravely stating their position, right?

Except…these proud Whites are using the work of an Asian, a man they should fundamentally despise but are almost alike in political philosophy: disgraced congressional candidate Tan Nguyen.

Nguyen, of course, is the Democrat-turned-Republican who won the 2006 Republican right to their annual slaughter at the hands of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Won't Stand by Undocumented Students) and created mucho controversy. He's running again this year in the Republican Party and has put up anew those annoying “Go with Tan” signs that feature a green traffic signal as its main motif. The Ken to those signs' John is the very sign those American TP goons hold in their picture.

Don't believe me? Read the fine print at the picture above–rather, super-enhance it like we did. It'll read clear as day: “Paid for by Tan Nguyen for Congress.”

Still don't believe me? Look at this picture, part of Nguyen's current congressional campaign:


Nguyen, of course, is Vietnamese–and a boat person, at that, the very people the American TP explicitly mark as the most worthy of deportation in their twisted philosophy. Why on Earth would White activists need to use a Vietnamese man's sign to promote their whites-only party? Hypocrisy? Stupidity? Maybe a union of wackos against their common enemy: Mexicans? Machiavellian or pendejos? You be the judge!

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