American Third Position Party Treasurer a Fugitive?

Part two of our tres-parte series this week on happenings in OC's white-power circle-jerk. Click here for yesterday's dispatch…

It's been a momentous couple of days in this new year for members of the American Third Position Party, the Westminster-based group that's seeking to give the poor, oppressed White race a voice in this country. They've secured the philosophical leadership of famous white supremacists, launched a new website, and have some fans on Facebook! This weekend, members also participated in their first public flier giveaway in–where else?–Huntington Beach. “Not knowing what to expect from their beleaguered countrymen,” a breathless dispatch noted on the American TP blog, “the young
activists were proud to report that their message was incredibly
well-received.” It goes on to quote one Sean Vax, who was thrilled to state that “People seemed to be emboldened by our presence.”

“Sean Vax” is in actuality Sean Vaxmonsky, the American TP treasurer, registrant for the party's paperwork with the IRS (even skins need to file with ZOG to make their efforts legal, alas), and an active member of Orange County's racialist network, having spent many hours on (the nation's premier white-power circle-jerk) and even appearances on Radio White back when Bret Hicks of the Candy-Ass Gang was sticking his foot in his mouth.

He's also a wanted man currently on the lam.

According to Orange County Superior Court records, a bench warrant was issued on December 14 of last year against Vaxmonsky  for his failure to appear in court for driving without a valid driver's license; both charges are classified as misdemeanors, and the warrant is still outstanding. This isn't Vaxmonsky's first brush with the law, either. Court records show he pleaded guilty in 2004 to burglary in a commercial structure; he got three years probation and a day in jail for that fuck-up. That same year, Vaxmonsky also pleaded guilty to purchasing alcohol as a minor (he was 19 at the time). Funny thing about that crime? A Vietnamese guy sold it to him, so I guess it's okay for Whites to give Asiatics business but not to befriend them, right? The burglary and beer run were also charged as misdemeanors.

Vaxmonsky received another misdemeanor in 2006 for driving while drunk, earning another three years of probation, probation that will surely become more fun with his current bench warrant. He's currently classified as a fugitive and should be considered armed with illogical thoughts and dangerous to one's rationality.

Tomorrow, for our finale: connecting the dots in Orange County's white-supremacy circle jerk!

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