American Third Position Party Just Laughable Ripoff of Previous Failed Skinhead Effort

Last in a series about the latest effort by Orange County white supremacists to mask their laces and braces. More to come in the future whenever I see fit…

The latest Internet dispatch from the neo-Nazi American Third Position Party offers a bit of an apology, stating “our web team is hurriedly working to correct a few glitches with the site.” But, in reality, the Westminster-based American TP has no excuses. Rather than being a truly revolutionary effort to help the White awakening, it's actually a retread by local skinheads to desperately save face after their last effort to organize politically failed spectacularly.

The skinheads in question are members of Freedom 14, a small group of commentators on who spent most of this past summer near the Huntington Beach pier passing out white-power ideology masking as reasonable discourse to unsuspecting folks. In May, a Freedom 14 member posted on Stormfront (the Internet's premier white-power message board) a bulletin announcing the creation of the Golden State Party, a supposedly independent effort to organize a neo-Nazi political party.

What wasn't announced then was that Freedom 14 and the Golden State Party (GSP) was essentially one and the same. Their site domain had the same registrant and layout, the person in the bulletin who announced the formation of the GSP is also listed as the registrant for Freedom 14 for their Form 527 IRS political group paperwork, and the two groups shared the same P.O. Box as their respective address.

The illusion was revealed by the Orange County Register in September, which also disclosed that GSP chairman and Freedom 14 member Tyler Cole was a two-time felon. Oops!

The Register exposé embarrassed Freedom 14 and caught them unexpectedly, according to a source that requested anonymity. “They really, truly want to pass themselves off as normal, and having a felon lead their efforts at a political party just wasn't going to cut it,” the source said.

Shortly after the article, Freedom 14 decided to largely abandon the Golden State Party and start anew. Members were part of an October 15 meeting in Orange in which the American TP was officially founded, racist lawyer William D. Johnson elected as chair, and Long Beach State professor Kevin MacDonald appointed director (also decided? Felons weren't eligible to be heads of a American TP local chapter–seriously). Soon after, they began cryptically fishing on Stormfront for recruits. “Our infrastructure is being built, we have a qualified spokesperson, a
platform, brochures, a newsletter, and we're currently working on our
site and a few membership materials. We already have a structure
established, to include leadership,” wrote a Freedom 14 member on Stormfront shortly after the meeting. “We've learned a lot and are ready to give it another go. It should be considerably better this time around.”

Problem is, it's just another Freedom 14 production of the Golden State Party. The American TP website also has the same registrant as Freedom 14 and the GSP, and nearly the exact layout as the two. Its treasurer is Freedom 14 member, former GSP volunteer, and current fugitive Sean Vaxmonsky. The GSP website is no longer up (and Freedom 14 now has its website behind a password-protected wall), but cached versions show that the home page for its position essays uses the same pictures and captions as the American TP. More embarrassingly, the American TP and GPS position essays not only advocate the same issues, but are almost the same essay word for word–compare the GSP economy position here with the American TP here, and mix and match with the others–with GSP changed to American TP.

I can make more connections between Freedom 14 and other notable local white supremacists–how Vaxmonsky was a volunteer for the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review and appeared on Marty Cox's Radio White show back when Candy-Ass Gang member Bret Hicks was still a co-host, how Freedom 14 members and MacDonald attended the annual IHR meeting last summer at the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa–but that's enough for now. I've picked on white supremacists enough this week; time to go after the people I really hate: the Latrinos on the SanTana City Council. Toodles, haters!

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