American Third Position Party Goons Exaggerated their Anti-Defamation League Protest!

Last Halloween, back when they still called themselves Freedom 14, members of the American Third Position Party excitedly posted a dispatch on with the headline “Freedom 14 Confronts the ADL, Hilarity Ensues.” In it, members describe a protest they hosted outside the Orange County offices of the Anti-Defamation League–the American TP* members claimed the ADL defamed them for calling the group white supremacists because, hey: even though they want to deport all non-whites from the United States, that doesn't mean they think whites are superior!

“In response to the ADL's attempt to incite violence against members of [the American TP], [the American TP] set out to teach the ADL how it feels to be
repositioned,” wrote member SuaSponte. Their idea of a protest: wave Israeli flags outside the office building where the ADL operates, wear flowing rabbinical beards and yarmulkes, and take pictures of themselves outside the door of the ADL's offices.

“I would go as far as to say that our own repositioning effort can have a
stronger effect,” said William, who frequently shows up on Navel Gazing to claim we threaten him and his fellow skins every time we write about their stupidity. “We can show people in or community that it is, in
fact, the ADL that is the hate group.”

“We're not afraid of you, Abe,” added recently convicted criminal Sean Vaxmonsky, referring to ADL head Abraham Foxman. “We'll never quit.”

The American TP protest, in fact, scared the ADL so much that they just found out about it this week–and yawned.

ADL-OC regional director Kevin O'Grady told the Weekly he only recently learned about the American TP protest outside his group's offices after someone researching  this nifty backgrounder on the American TP discovered the Stormfront post.

“I was unaware we were confronted by [the American TP],” O'Grady says, “and I imagine their attempt to portray themselves as anything other than racists and extremists will be just as ineffective.”


*Even though it was technically Freedom 14 that staged the protest, I refer to them as the American TP through this post because they are one and the same.

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