American Airlines Now Sponsoring Fortunes in Chinese Fortune Cookies

Two nights ago, my family and I went to Shanghai Palace in Torrance to celebrate my dad's birthday. As we reached the end of the meal, the waitress handed us our obligatory fortune cookies. Exciting! As I opened up the plastic wrapper, I wondered what fate would be revealed on that two-inch white strip.  

Will I find eternal bliss? Are there big changes ahead? Will I encounter a mysterious person from the past?
Here's what I got.  


WTF?! A sponsored fortune? 

Feeling gypped, I tweeted this vision of horror, and apparently, several of my pals have gotten the same fortune in the past couple weeks. (How often do you guys eat fortune cookies?) 
The back of the fortune gives a website for a chance to win blah, blah, blah–Google it if you'd like. 
Now I'll never know what the future holds. 
My dad, however, thought the fortune was “very clever.”

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