America: Fun While It Lasted

More credible minds than mine say time to call it like it is. As promised below: Arthur columnist Douglas Rushkoff thinks the great democratic experiment is just about over:

Those of us who try to stay even remotely connected to what is going on in the world around us have enough hard evidence to conclude with certainty that voting in America has been systematically and effectively undermined by the party currently in power. In an increasing number of precincts, how people vote – if they are even allowed in – no longer has a direct influence on how their votes are tallied. It's sad and confusing not to live in a democracy, anymore. And while it's quite plainly true, it's a bit too unthinkable for most sane people to accept. It goes in the same mental basket as more outlandish (if not unthinkable) thoughts — such as dynamite on the WTC or no airplane crashing into the Pentagon — even though, in this case, it's not conjecture, it's just plain real. So what I'm coming to grips with is accepting that I don't live in a democratic nation, and that the propaganda state attempted in 1930's Europe did finally reach fruition here in the U.S., just as Henry Ford and those of his ilk predicted.

On the plus side:

I may not have the right to vote, anymore, but I'm being kept comfortable enough. Like others of my class, I have a roof over my head. I'm crafty enough to get paid now and again for a book or talk or comic series. And the state is functioning well enough that I can afford a tuna sandwich and walk around my neighborhood eating it without getting whacked with a rock or a grenade. As far as history goes, that's pretty good.

Remember the pretty good times here, and excuse me while I go grab a tuna sandwich.

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