Amborella Organics Makes Great Lollipops With Sticks that Turn into Flowers

Straight outta Laguna Beach comes Amborella Organics, a line of yummy lollipops with flavors like vanilla-hibiscus, lavender-lemongrass, and peach-marigold that each beautifully distill their advertised flavors. Long-lasting, not too saccharine, and just plain cute, buy them online for the moment, and wait for their rollout in OC stores later this year.

But then, once you’re done with an Amborella ‘pop, don’t throw away the stick, or put it on the chair of an unsuspecting coworker in the hopes of Homer Simpson hilarity. Instead, plant the stick in the ground, water well, and wait. Within weeks, you get the advertised flower or herb growing. 

The instructions, per Amborella:

Buy Our Lollipop (Made w/ Natural & Organic Flavors, Hints of Herb, and/or Edible Flowers)
-Devour Said Lollipop 
-Bust A Move (If You So Choose) 
-Gather Loved One’s
-Plant The Biodegradable Stick (Made of Recycled Paper) in Soil 
-Water Daily (Rain Capture Technology Encouraged)
-Wait For The Seed to Germinate (The Seed Corresponds w/ The Flavors in Your Lollipop)
-Once It Flowers— Use the Herbs in Your Kitchen, Edible Flowers in Your Salad, Develop Art Projects, or Use as a Garnish   
-Take Photo’s Of This Process & Upload to Social Media w/ the Hashtag #digit (Dig It) 

Sounds like a plan! Find out more at NEED YUMMY, EARTH-SAVING LOLLIPOPS

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