Alton Brown Is Coming to Orange County; Tickets Public TODAY

It's been a little since Good Eats has been on air, and I will admit that I kind of miss Alton Brown doodling around and teaching me about food. It's where I got my start, after all, so I'm excited to be able to say that Alton Brown will be in Orange County THIS MAY, touring his new food-focused variety show, Eat Your Science.


Tickets go on sale today, so head on over to the Segerstrom's website and grab 'em up before they're gone. The show's still a ways away, but I'm expecting it to sell out pretty soon.

For more information, check out the website, or read the description below:

Television personality, author and Food Network star Alton Brown, who created a new form of live entertainment – the culinary variety show – dishes up a new one: “Eat Your Science,” featuring generous helpings of comedy, talk show antics, multimedia presentations and music (yes, he sings). This time around he's adding a slew of fresh ingredients including new puppets, songs, bigger and potentially more dangerous experiments and what every cook needs in his kitchen: FIRE.

Critics and fans have raved about the interactive component where Brown invites audience members on stage to serve as his assistant. “There will be plenty of new therapy-inducing opportunities during our audience participation segments. “I don't want to give too much away, but we're also going to play a little game with the audience,” says Brown.

Brown has a knack for mixing together a perfect base of science, music and food into two hours of pure entertainment. “Plus, you'll see things that I was never allowed to do on TV.” He also says larger and more protective ponchos will be provided to the first few rows as his experiments have the potential to get messy.

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