Huntington Beach Assemblyman Travis Allen is Running for Governor

Travis Allen, who is in the beginning of his second term as the state assemblyman out of Huntington Beach, says he will run for governor in November 2018.

“After five years of serving in the Legislature, I have had enough of the wasteful spending and dictatorial policies pushed by Jerry Brown and the Sacramento Democrats that are directly hurting hard working Californian families,” explains the Republican, who was first elected in 2012 to represent the 72nd State Assembly district that includes Fountain Valley, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Westminster, most of Garden Grove, portions of Santa Ana and Huntington Beach as well as the unincorporated communities of Midway and Rossmoor.

“California residents and companies are fleeing our state by the thousands, and those that stay are beset on all sides with the nation’s highest taxes, crippling regulations and ever more complex laws that benefit a select few,” Allen says in his announcement. “California needs new leadership that is not bought and paid for by union leaders and out of touch liberal elites. I am running for Governor to make California once again the greatest state in the country, and a place where we all can live our lives, run a business and raise a family.”

To become the GOP nominee, Allen would have to catch fire with a California party establishment that has leaned toward more moderate Republicans, in hopes of swaying independents and more conservative Democrats. Allen’s announcement displays his farther-to-the-right bent, with references to “limousine liberals,” “extremist environmentalists” and “ravenous public sector union bosses.” He even borrows from (and bastardizes) Richard Nixon by citing supposed support from “a silent supermajority in California.”

Then there is the matter of lack of name recognition, although Allen’s campaign strategist Mike Johnson claims the candidate has become known nationally for leading the effort to place a statewide repeal of gas tax increase on the November ballot. Not that the Allen campaign is resting solely on that.

“The campaign has reserved a majority of the statewide slate cards and will appear on over 11 million mail pieces,” Johnson vows. “Allen already has built the largest social media reach of any elected Republican in the state and regularly reaches over 3 million Californians weekly.”

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