All-You-Can-Eat Vietnamese Buffet YouTube Video Going Viral

So there's there's this video of a frenzy over fresh seafood at an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Vietnam. The clip shows patrons of the restaurant standing next to a buffet waiting and then grabbing the seafood in a mad rush as soon it's dropped into the vat. It's the same kind of scene we're all familiar when Black Friday rolls around.

But in this case, the shooter has added his own title cards to the video, like “Gone in 6 seconds…” and ends it with a picture of the Mike, the one-eyed Pixar character, his mouth agape and the words “HOLY…mother of Buffet” under it.

It was posted in March but it's going viral now, garnering most of it's 400+ comments within the last four days, but for reasons that may not be apparent until you read the largely Vietnamese viewer responses.

Though the video has been seen more than a hundred thousand times, it appears to have struck a nerve and garnered more dislikes than likes, inspiring gut-level nationalist comments, some racist comments, some insults directed at the original video poster and each other, and some that are the direct opposite of those…basically everything that happens when a video goes viral.

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