“All Star” Mash-Ups to Get You To Next All-Star Season

After last week’s Baseball All-Star game, we’ve entered the longest stretch in American professional sports before anything of major note really happens. The All Star games have been in the news, namely with next year’s NBA All Star Game officially being pulled from North Carolina yesterday, but merely reading about All Star games isn’t enough. Even playing Super Mario All Stars can only take up so many hours of the day. Thus, to help get you to the next series of All Star events, we at the Weekly are saying “Hey Now,” and bringing you five mash-ups of Smash Mouth’s “All Star” to help you get your game on, get paid, and get through this annual All-Star drought.

There’s entire online communities devoted to remixing, covering and mashing-up “All Star.” From Reddit to the Record Store, it’s impossible trying to count the “All Stars” in the sky. The years start coming and they don’t stop coming, so let’s get right to the “All Stars.”

Neil Cicierega – “Modest Mouth”
We’re starting things off with the patron saint of Smash Mouth Mash-Ups, Neil Cicierega. “Modest Mouth” comes from Mouth Sounds, his Smash Mouth-centric album of some of the greatest mash-ups on the planet. “Modest Mouth” sets the party off, a perfect synergy of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” and “All Star” that goes for the moon.

Snoopryan – “All Star Inc.”
Ready to feel good, even if you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed? “All Star Inc.” by Snoopryan adds a driving force to Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell’s lyrics, as Danger Mouse’s production for Gorillaz’s 2005 smash “Feel Good Inc.,” updates the years-start-coming element to show all that glitters is gold in space. Perhaps part of the fun is imagining Shrek, whom “All Star” is irrevocably intertwined with, partying with the Gorillaz. I don’t know. Maybe just Steve Harwell and Guy Fieri eating eggs in space of something. Only shooting stars break the mold.

Jeremy Turnbill – “In the End, You’re An All Star”
There’s a surprising number of Smash Mouth/Linkin Park mash-ups on the internet. Maybe it’s because the delightful inspiring twang of Smash Mouth’s “All Star’s” resurgence via movies like Shrek and Rat Race and the multi-genre angst of Linkin Park capture the full spectrum found in the innocence of pre-9/11 2001. Something about both sides of an idealized nostalgia colliding. Anyway, the strongest duality of this we could find was Jeremy Turnbill’s “In the End, You’re an All Star.”

TooCoolRikishi – “The Final Star”
There’s something that just soars about TooCoolRikishi’s “The Final Star.” Combining the over-the-top ‘80s synth of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” with Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” you get the absolute peak of the decade of excess’ excess with the music industry’s zenith’s most potent point of positivity. For two songs that get hated on as much as they do separately, they sure sound like they’d have a certain kinship together.

Aida – “Lose Your All Star”
What could go better with Mom’s Spaghetti than some change for gas? Aida’s mash-up of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” with Smash Mouth’s “All Star” really amps up the driving inspiration of both tracks. Along with the excellent image of Steve Harwell/Marshall Mathers’ gaze slowly sinking in, the piano keys really make us feel like all that glitters really is gold.

Neil Cicierega – “Imagine All Star People”
Finally, it’s only right we close once again with Neil Cicierega’s “Imagine All Star People.” Just by slowing Steve Harwell’s growl ever so slightly, it show how perfectly in tone, message and inspiration Smash Mouth’s “All Star” lines up with John Lennon’s “Imagine.” If your heartstrings aren’t pulled just off reading this description, give it a listen and let the whistling at the end touch your soul. Yep, what a concept. The world isn’t going to roll you after all.

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