Aliso Niguel High School Football Program Sponsored by Anti-Sanctuary Mayor

Trump as in beat? Sure…

An Instagram post ahead of Friday night’s now infamous high school football game between the Santa Ana Saints and the Aliso Niguel Wolverines simply read “‘murica.” It encouraged students in the stands to wear red, white and blue. With the anniversary of 9-11 coming up, the display of patriotism seemed well-placed enough. But with the visiting team being mostly Mexi from Santa Ana, it predictably turned into a refuge of scoundrels. 

Santa Ana High School Principal Jeff Bishop bravely decried the “racist welcome” his school’s team received that included Trump trolling signs declaring “Build the Wall” while extolling the tough assignment his coach handled with class. “After hearing chants from the student cheering section – “USA-USA-USA” after the first two touchdowns, morally – I could not ignore it anymore!,” Bishop wrote on Facebook following the game. “After talking to the principal and watching her and her Assistant principals snag the signs away from these disrespectful and out of control students – it seemed to help.”

It’s true that racism coming from high school bleachers in Orange County is a sin long predating the current Pendejo-in-Chief occupying the White House–look up the Weekly’s archives on everything from Foothill students holding a “#Chunti” sign during a basketball game against Tustin rivals to blackface at El Modena–but Friday night’s hate fest definitely bears the imprint of Trump. The Wolverines count among their 2018 sponsors Aliso Viejo mayor Dave Harrington. His wannabe Trump logo slides across the team’s website “Thank You” page. Better yet, the failed Orange County Sheriff candidate tried to up his name recognition earlier this year by enlisting the city in the anti-sanctuary state revolt that backed Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lawsuit against California over such laws. 

Harrington: Wannabe Trumpkin

It brought him a television appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight in March, but not enough votes to reach the November ballot. “I am responsible for 50,000 people in my city,” Harrington told Carlson. “I’m responsible for their safety. It makes us less safe and that is the problem.” The framing of sanctuary-state laws and the undocumented residents they offer modest protections for as being a threat to public safety only grew more acidic after Carlson soft balled the mayor a question about promoters of such legislation. “They’re far more interested in people who do drugs, criminals, illegal aliens and all the rest over the interest of law-abiding taxpaying citizens,” Harrington said.

With a sponsor like that, who apparently had a front row seat, is it any surprise that Friday night’s game turned out the way it did?

The halftime huddle between admins allowed the game to continue more or less in the spirit of athleticism, one where the Wolverines bested the Saints 42-21 to claim a 4-0 season start, their best since 2012. But after the game, the taunts continued. Bishop recounted online what an Aliso Niguel student said to a Saint on the way out. “I guess [it’s] not a great day to be Mexican,” the student said. The football played stopped and looked back at the heckler from the stands. Then came a sudden change in tune! “Oh, nice job,” the student said. 

Despite a photo clearly showing a hand-painted sign reading “We gonna Trump ya,” Wolverine apologists are still crying fake news. “Why would you be trying to create something out of nothing?” whined James Patrick Owen, a former Aliso Niguel football coach, on Bishop’s thread. “As a principal I would think you would be better than this. I was sitting in the press box for the game, the whole game and NEVER heard anything you are claiming!” Clearly triggered, Owen hit the caps lock button to declare, “stop feeding off the left’s narrative that ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST.”

Never mind that Bishop’s a gabacho winning praise from SanTaneros for his outspokenness and resides in Aliso Viejo himself.

Stay eternally classy, OC! 

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