Alien Ant Farm

From their popular “Smooth Criminal” alternative rock cover in 2001 to their newly released their fifth album Always and Forever, Alien Ant Farm has proven that alt-metal rock can be catchy even for the most casual listener. The new album contains songs with heart-racing tempos and the rage factor, yes, but there are also rock ballads that declare love and inspiration. Take “American Pie,” for example, where vocalist Dryden Mitchell sings, “Every day I pledge allegiance to my girl, ‘cause you’re the reason my sun rises in the West.” Awww. Even with such intense instrumentation in most of the tracks, too, the messages remain sweet, like in “Homage” where Mitchell notes all of the musicians who have gotten him through rough times. If Alien Ant Farm had a particular audience in mind when writing Always and Forever, we’d guess it was for the listener who enjoys experiencing energizing sounds, impressive instrument-playing, and thoughtful lyrics all at once.

Mon., June 15, 8 p.m., 2015

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