Alexis Bellino of Real Housewives Offered Tips to Keep Her Kids From Drowning

We told you here how The Real Housewives of Orange County reality spouse Alexis Bellino and her husband nearly lost their twin baby girls to the Balboa Bay Club pool Fourth of July weekend.

The Bellinos and their kids grace the July cover of OC Parenting Magazine, and one hard-hitting question thrown at the Mrs. was: “The Bay Club is a great place for kids
isn't it?”

Her shocking answer after the jump . . .

“In the summer it's our hang out. The kids can swim in the kiddie pool or we can take them over to the big pool and a lot of our friends are there with their young children so it's always a great, safe time with people, you know.”

As told in our previous post, TMZ heard from BBC security guards who claimed the Bellinos were preoccupied when the stroller the toddlers were in rolled into the pool, causing a guard to jump in to save one and Mr. Bellino to enter the drink to fetch the other (something he denies, it should be noted).

You can read the full parenting interview here–in case you want to know what not to do.

Meanwhile, the Weekly often hears from authors, doctors and other wanna-be newsmakers offering their reactions to some catastrophic event. Government agencies also offer their expertise when there's fire danger, extreme weather or other phenomena they believe warrants communicating with the public.

Well, after our post on the near-drowning of the Bellino kids at the ritzy Bay Club went up, we heard from a PR representative for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) .

“I read recent media coverage of
the non fatal submersion of
twin two-year-old girls in a public swimming pool in Newport Beach on
Sunday,” began the email from Teresa Valerio Parrot of Washington, D.C.-based Widmeyer Communications.

tragic situation provides an opportunity for public awareness on water
safety,” she continued, “and we encourage you to follow-up on coverage of this incident to
provide a
teachable moment for your audience.”

She was pitching coverage of the CPSC's new educational campaign with the clever name “Pool Safety” that is aimed at reducing the 300 childhood pool deaths that happen annually in this country. (If that floats your boat–or offspring–go to, @PoolSafely on Twitter, and/or

Parrot also passed along the contact information for Margery LaRue, safety director with the American Red Cross Orange County (714-481-5350 or

Sounds like we've got an angle for your follow-up interview, OC Parenting Magazine.

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