Alejandro Fernando Cano Allegedly Took Batting Practice on His Grandma

Hello, special place in hell? Got another passenger coming your way.

At least we do if Alejandro Fernando Cano did what Santa Ana Police think the 19-year-old did:

Hit his grandmother with a baseball bat, injuring the 57-year-old's arm.

Here's what the police report says:

Cano was out of control Monday morning, so Grammy tried to calm him down.

That obviously did not work, as the lad allegedly picked up a baseball bat and started swinging it wildly.

Besides hitting his grandmother, Cano apparently struck some car windows, although none broke.

Police were called to the residence in the 800 block of East Normandy
Place shortly after 5:45 a.m., and when Cano caught sight of officers, he reportedly ran. After a short foot chase, he was captured and arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

As he headed off to jail, his grandmother was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for her injuries.

Hope he wasn't expecting on his birthday a new mitt from Grammy to go with that bat.

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