Albert Pujols Finds Bartolo Colon Too Sexy for His Shirt, So Sexy It Hurts (My Eyes!): Video

Current Angel Albert Pujols punctuated his trot back to the dugout after a long, at-the-wall fly-out at the Big A Sunday by going all Chippendale's on former Angel/current A's pitcher Bartolo Colón.

That is, the sometime-slugger reached out and tried to pull the jersey off the wide-framed righthander.


Let's go to the instant reply:

Even if El Hombre had removed all of Colón's vast shirt, fans in the stands would have been spared a horrifying sight thanks to Sunday's Rally Monkey Blindfold giveaway promotion.

Bartolo Colón, Former Angels Pitcher, Does Not Surprise with Drug Suspension But with Drug

Colon got the last laugh, throwing a four-hitter for a 6-0 win, the 12th shutout of the 40-year-old's career, and improving his record this season to 13-3.

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