Al Gore, Please Pick Up the Newport Beach Courtesy Phone

Those who come down with the sniffles whenever there are wide temperature fluctuations hopefully stayed out of Southern California the past couple weeks.

On Sept. 27, a record was set for
the hottest recorded day in 133 years. By Oct. 5, chilly rain blanketed the region.

No where had a more radical climate change between those dates than Newport Beach.

Photo by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
Late summer in CdM: pack a parka.

The National Weather Service at one point on Sept. 27 recorded Newport Beach's temperature at 110 degrees.

On Oct. 5, it was 63 degrees, the coldest on that
date since 2005.

The nearly 50-degree fluctuation, reports Corona del Mar High School's award-winning Trident student newspaper, was more
than the usual climate changes for the entire year.

On Oct. 6, just shy of 0.6 inches of rain dumped on Newport Beach, which barely missed the record 0.64 inches of precipitation that fell on the same date in 2006.

Naw, nothing's mucked up with our climate.

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