AJ Davila y Terror Amor

Puerto Rican garage-punk band Davila 666 were absolutely relentless—like the Leave Home Ramones, Belgium’s Kids, and high-octane Australian rock destroyers Rose Tattoo charging out of the trenches and on to the battlefield all at once. But while Davila 666 enjoys a recuperative hiatus, singer AJ Davila and his new crew Terror Amor take the mayhem even farther. Like obvious forbears the Dirtbombs, AJ and friends aren’t afraid to go wherever the inspiration takes them, whether that’s Roky Erickson-covering-Lou Reed riffs, UFO landing synthesizer effects or slo-mo Houston-style hip-hop vocals. Really, AJ’s a musician in full thrall to his own vision, writing just what he wants and recording it exactly how he wants it, and what’s that mean to you, the intrigued potential showgoer? Put it this way: all the energy’s still there, but now the limits are gone.

Wed., Aug. 12, 8 p.m., 2015

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