Airport Wars: Throwing Star at John Wayne vs. Airsoft Handgun at Long Beach

Our local airports usually escape the monthly Transportation Security Administration (TSA) roundup of guns, knives and other prohibited items found at the nation's airports.

But both registered in the most-recent TSA list, which includes a throwing star and Airsoft handgun found in carry-on baggage at John Wayne Airport and Long Beach Airport respectively.


The TSA notes the throwing star at John Wayne (SNA) and Airsoft gun at Long Beach (LGB) could have been brought aboard in checked-in luggage without declaring them. With real firearms, the TSA must first be informed before checking in the bags. Local laws should also be checked in this regard.

Firearms, Airsoft guns, BB guns, throwing stars, knives and other weapons are never allowed in carry-ons. The fear in particular with Airsoft guns is “they look alarmingly realistic” (despite having orange tips) and “would likely cause panic and commotion if seen on a plane,” according to the TSA.

Airsoft grenades and mortars are not allowed in carry-ons or checked baggage. Compressed gas cartridges used with the replica guns are also prohibited; CO2 cartridges are only permitted with life vests and mechanical limbs.

The TSA informs travelers that finding prohibited items slows down the screening process and can result in citations, arrests and fines as high as $7,500. The best bet, according to the agency, is just leave that stuff at home.

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