Agua De Flor’s Medicated Agua Frescas Are An Exotic Trip In A Bottle

Elevate Your Freshness (Courtesy of Agua De Flor)

Summer is here! Even though it doesn’t get as hot in OC as it does in the desert, the East Coast or Africa, it still gets pretty sweaty here. And when it’s hot, smoking herb or eating a half melted edible isn’t exactly ideal. That’s why we’ve loaded up our fridge with rows of cannabis drinks—particularly Agua De Flor’s medicated mango agua fresca.

Another reason we’re loading up on these optimal summertime spritzers (okay—lots of other edibles, too) is because July 1, 2018 marks the official cut-off date for dispensaries to carry any product containing over 100 mg of THC. In other words, medium to high-dose edibles are going to become a memory of cannabis’ prohibitionist past in a little over a week. R.I.P.

Agua De Flor has 110mg of THC per bottle, which means they’ll have to readjust their dosage to be compliant. Law aside, everyone deserves to try an Agua De Flor—like, ASAP. They are sensational. The mango’s been my go-to World Cup elixir. Each sip tastes like biting into mouthwatering tropical mango meat. Honestly, where has this product been all my life?

The thing with medicated drinks is they’re different than normal edibles. They make you feel buoyant and can hit a bit quicker. And you can make microdose ice cubes and put them in drinks, or use it as a mixer for a delectable cross-fade cocktail.

Welcome to the summer of endless possibilities.

Available at Strain Station: 730 East Dyer Rd. Santa Ana, CA 92705. $14.


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