Afters is Now Serving Highly Delicious Rick and Morty Ice Cream

Double Whammy. Photography by Huu Nguyen.

Cult ice cream shop Afters and pleasantly nihilistic sitcom “Rick and Morty” have teamed up to deliver two new flavors.

The first, formally titled “Caramel Portal Ice Cream,” features neon green ice cream that hits like cotton candy while your teeth gnash into sweet mini marshmallows and apple-flavored pop rocks explode on your tongue. It’s a lot to take in, I know, but the intensely sweet flavor has an addicting quality that catches you off guard and hooks you in. You’ve been warned.

The second, “Dark Matter Brownie Batter,” rolls out as jet black ice cream combined with soft chunks of brownie and topped with shiny, sugary blue stars that offer a slight crunch. Of the two, it’s the milder one, and a safer bet if you’re the kind of person that second guesses their life decisions in front of exasperated cashiers.

Afters Ice Cream x Rick and Morty Collab. Photography by Huu Nguyen.

As for Afters’ 25 locations across Southern California, each one has been decked out full Afters’ style – from the wall-to-wall collage of Pickle Ricks, flying saucers, and floating heads (ahem, Cromulons) to a life-size mural of Rick’s garage at the Pasadena location. It’s a decisive move by co-founder Scott Nghiem to keep the expanding ice cream brand relevant in an industry dominated by “artisan” creameries and the Baskin-Robbins of yore. Peeking the slick “Rick and Morty” merch neatly hung on a rack across from the ice cream counter, it’s easy to see that Nghiem knows exactly what he’s doing.

And with the fourth season of the animated series still on the undetermined horizon, it just might be enough to keep diehard fans satiated until then.

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