Afters Ice Cream Is the Sixth Most Yelped Place of 2014

Time to add another feather to the Yelp cap that is Orange County. First,
Bruxie was the second highest rated restaurant of 2011. Then we placed a bunch on all of the Top 100 Yelpiest lists. And now the latest: Afters Ice Cream, Orange County's darling opening of 2014, is the sixth most Yelped about place of 2014.

Congratulations guys, you deserve it.


Afters took the spot with 1,373 reviews in 2014 with a four-star average, according to Yahoo!, beating out heavy hitters like Voodoo Donuts in Portland (tourist trap), Wurstk├╝che in Los Angeles (It's great! Go to Pie Hole for dessert), and the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace in Vegas (come on now).

And all of this when fighting with a handicap. Afters didn't open until February of last year, giving almost everyone else on the list a two-month head start on reviews. Afters per month review average was about 130, meaning if they had been open the entire year, they would have moved up two more spots.

So again, congratulations to Afters, everyone grab a milky bun to celebrate, and pay attention to this blog the next few weeks. We've got some more news regarding the third location to drop on ya..

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