Afters Ice Cream in Fountain Valley Sells Donuts Stuffed With Ice Cream

The opening of a new ice cream shop not named Baskin Robbins is news enough, but one that sells said ice cream inside donuts can either be taken as cause for alarm for those already in danger of getting diabetes or cause for celebration for those who have always dreamt of such a union.


The place is called Afters, and it opened this weekend in Fountain Valley, next to G Burger and Pick Up Stix at 18030 Brookhurst Street. Instructions on the wall provide the step-by-step procedure on how to order yourself a “Milky Bun”, which is what these donut-ice-cream-sandwiches are called. It says that you “Cream”, “Fill”, “Seal” and then, “Eat”.

It does seem a bit unorthodox, this idea. But then so was the cronut. It should also be noted that the ice cream flavors Afters offers are also out of the ordinary. There's a milk-and-cereal, a cookie butter, and a jasmine tea flavor.

Afters had its grand opening this weekend where it gave its first 30 customers a free tee.

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