African American Employee: Orange County Sheriff's Department Is Cesspool Of Racism

Describing the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) a cesspool of racism and the playground of incredibly juvenile thugs, an African American employee is suing and has won an October trial date.

Jeffrey Robinson, a correctional services technician in the OCSD's inmate services division, claims he is “subject to ongoing harassment and discrimination by fellow employees and supervisors” because of racism and that he complained about alleged abuses.

According to Robinson, he is “continually treated” in a “disrespectful, discourteous, harassing and hostile manner.”

He claims he's had to endure OCSD co-workers:


–Giving him “Heil Hitler” salutes;
–Driving nails into his vehicle tires;
–Sending sexually explicit material to his email account;
–Farting close to him while he's eating lunch and then asking how his food tastes;
–Calling him derogatory names;
–Ordering him to keep his mouth shut; and
–Placing “I Like Dick” stickers on his vehicle.

Humiliated, Robinson said his complaints were greeted with retaliation when his boss placed an official reprimand in his personnel file after he confronted another OCSD employee about the continuing abuses.

Robinson believes the harassment has been designed to force him to quit his job.

California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing okayed the filing of the lawsuit.

This month, Superior Court Judge Peter Wilson ordered a mandatory case settlement conference for September and, if unsuccessful, a week trial in late October.

Last year, OCSD lost a lawsuit filed by a fired deputy who claimed the department's management allowed deputies to discriminate against him based on his military service as a U.S. Marine, who fought in the Battle of Baghdad and won the Navy Cross for life-saving heroics.

In recent weeks, Latino cops inside the Westminster Police Department won their federal lawsuit that alleged department management systematically gave white cops better opportunities to advance to high ranking positions.

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