Aella Clothing Designs Great Office Clothes for the Busy-As-Hell Woman

Having recently settled into the new Weekly World Headquarters, I’ve run into a dilemma that many career women face: finding clothes to wear that are professional, comfortable and suitable for everyday, all-day use—but also versatile for whatever style I want to present on a given day. Leggings aren’t appropriate, and as a gal who stands slightly taller than 5 feet, there’s no way I’m wearing a pantsuit. Aella Clothing exists to lean in and show ladies the middle ground between casual and polished attire to compliment every silhouette. Its clothing line falls into the “athleisure” category, producing garments fit for the gym and the office, yet Aella’s multiblend materials are imported from Italy and long-lasting without requiring the care of a dry cleaner.

“These days, women are more empowered than ever—and busy as hell—so these clothes are meant to make women’s lives easier,” says Ariyana Smith Hernandez, who oversees marketing and business development for Aella.

Fellow OC native Eunice Cho decided to start Aella after Cho’s experiences working her first professional job in New York. While Cho liked being a visual merchandiser, she hated having to wear bulky, ill-fitting, expensive pantsuits. She later went to business school at UCLA and decided to patent her own clothing line, focusing on pants that supported the female form. She designed a series of sustainably produced trousers that contour to the body with a comfort waist band, flattering women of any age in any setting—and on behalf of modern working women everywhere, that’s music to our ears.

According to Cho, Aella’s most popular item is the Ankle Skinny pant, with its sleek, sophisticated look and support. But there are other great separates, including the duster with a detachable bottom, which is a classy alternative to the common cardigan. Cho intends to design short-sleeved blazers and even traditional suits in the future. You can browse Aella’s current styles at, but you’ll soon be able to find the collection at South Coast Plaza’s Bloomingdales store—if I don’t get to them first.

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