Adios, Mexican Coke? Cult Soda Might Disappear Forever Thanks to Mexican Government's Soda Tax

While I'm a fan of Mexican Coke, I've never been obsessed with it like most gabachos–Jarritos and Sidral are far better. But as we all know, Americans love, love, LOVE the soda like they do all Mexican food, proclaiming its superiority to American Coke because the Mexi version supposedly uses actual cane sugar instead of fructose.

Well, those fans are in a state of panic now, because their hipster news services are finally letting them know of the Mexican government's long-planned effort–finally passed last week–to place a tax on soft drinks, ostensibly to combat high rates of obesity and diabetes in the nation. It's following in the lead of other cities and countries around the world doing the same. Coca Cola executives have fought such measures at every stop–but they've gotten downright medieval in Mexico, deeming the coming tax “discriminatory” and now telling investors they just might ditch the MexiCoke formula altogether. AdiĆ³s, Mexican Coke?


In an interview with investors last week, the top bottler of Coke in Mexico told them that they might switch away from using cane sugar and up the fructose ante, as “that's a very important part of the savings that we are foreseeing now.

I'm more concerned about what it'll do to Jarritos, but in the meanwhile, start stocking up on that Mexicoke, folks–it just might become the next Twinkies.

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