Adams, Curtis and Weston: Photographers of the American West

Bowers offers a nifty short survey of the West featuring three totally recognizable names and a few of their representative masterpieces. Legendary photographers who innovated and shaped their art who also shaped our collective consciousness of place (for good and bad), Ansel Adams, Edward Curtis and Edward Weston teach as much about seeing as believing. Together their work charts the story of why and how we understand what we feel and think of the romantic American West, including our destruction of its beauty, worship of it, and, finally, preservation of same. They tried, respectively, to honor, to fetishize, to artify what they shot of nature and people, objects and landscape, together making a gorgeously contradictory yet affirming narrative in its wild ambitions and enduring beauty.

Tuesdays-Sundays, 10 a.m. Starts: May 16. Continues through May 31, 2015

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