Adam Gadahn's Background: Loves Death Metal

[via The Stranger]
In “Al Qaeda's Up-And-Comers“,

named the Al Qaeda Hydra–the eight people most likely to succeed
Osama bin Laden
–with OC's Adam Gadahn on the list. The article says that 32-year-old goat boy Gadahn, who converted to Sunni at 17, is considered a “homegrown,” (“meaning that he has converted to an ideology so firmly that he is now
willing to harm his country of origin.”)

His profile has all the same stuff you already know about Gadahn (he speaks English, introduced Bin Laden to the mortgage crisis, moved to Pakistan in 1998)–with one interesting detail: HE LOVES DEATH METAL.

According to Metal Insider, Gadahn wrote for many death metal zines and was published in LA zine Xenocide (read some of his work at The Gauntlet). He was reportedly an active member in early 90s tape trading scene
and even formed his own one-man metal band called Aphasia.

Metal Injection has a transcript of a spoken
word message he reportedly recorded for Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner. 

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