Adam Carolla Live Taping

If nothing else, 2014 has been an exhausting year for Adam Carolla. Between his wildly popular podcast, his Mangria alcohol and TV show, To Catch a Contractor, the Ace Man is more visible now than he’s been since he and pal Jimmy Kimmel left The Man Show. But Carolla's been in the news for other reasons, too. Earlier this year, he was embroiled in a lawsuit by Personal Audio over a violation of a patent (they claimed they invented podcasting). Using his podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, as a soapbox, he raised well over six figures through crowdsourcing for his defense before ultimately settling out of court. With the finishing touches being put on Road Hard, his second feature film, and in the middle of producing a documentary on fellow car enthusiast Paul Newman, it’s safe to say that the 50-year-old comedian isn't taking his foot off the gas any time soon. Come tonight for a live taping of his podcast.

Thu., Dec. 11, 8 p.m., 2014

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