Activists to Protest Huntington Beach Losers at School Board Meeting TONIGHT

Since notorious anti-immigrant activist Raymond Herrera has no life, he’s spent most of this year subjecting Huntington Beach to his porcine nostrils, adenoidal voice, and vicious xenophobia at protests in downtown HB, City Council meetings and board meetings of the Ocean View School District. And since Huntington Beach is Huntington Beach, Herrera has found new buddies who love that they can point to a moreno Mexican and say, “You see? We can’t possibly be racist! This wab says the same noxious shit we do!”


Thankfully, there are good people in HB, too, and a bunch of them are teaming up TONIGHT with the new-ish Orange County Racial Justice Collaborative to rally against the haters before the Ocean View School District board meeting. Here’s the press release they just put out:

Ocean View School District Board Meetings in Huntington Beach are frequently targeted by racist alt right extremists and their followers, and the Orange County community has had enough!

We refuse to be divided by hate. We refuse to let extremist racists to rule the education of Orange County children. Orange County community members are rallying to support our schools at the next Ocean View School District board meeting, on Tuesday June 13 at 6 pm.

One frequent alt-right person who attends the Huntington Beach school board meetings for instance, Raymond Herrera, is a Victorville resident and extreme anti-immigrant media personality, and is also recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group leader.

The Ocean View School District includes the largest segment of Latino immigrant residents in Huntington Beach. Mr. Herrera (and others who share his views) frequently attend Huntington Beach school board meetings to divide, distract and intimidate local officials and concerned parents from conducting proper public service. Public schools are required by law to serve all children, regardless of immigration status.

Why the hater obsession with Ocean View? Ever since trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin began helping residents of the Oak View barrio take on the garbage dump across the street from their apartments, Huntington Beach’s alt-losers have literally lost their minds, screaming corruption and Reconquista and all sorts of mamadas—all because a gabacha dared to help poor Mexicans in HB. One of them sicced Herrera—who had never given a shit about the Ocean View School District until just a couple of months ago—on the school district, and he’s been blabbering at school board meetings ever since, so much so that Clayton-Tarvin unsuccessfully sought a restraining order against him. Why did Clayton-Tarvin file? Among other things, a commenter on Herrera’s Facebook page said that she should get the “Lara Logan experience”—you know, SEXUALLY ASSAULTED BY A MOB OF MEN. Herrera not only let that comment sit there for a while, he liked it—an action his favored lapdog, Chris Epting, hilariously tried to defend.

If you’re interested in standing against HB hate, the rally is TONIGHT at 6 p.m. Location is 17200 Pinehurst Lane, Boardroom A, in HB. See you there!

And Orange County Racial Justice Collaborative? In your house rules, you state “Don’t speak over, but use ‘ouch!’ to speak up if something is wrong.” Please explain how that makes ustedes look like anything other than a bad Portlandia sketch.

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