Activists Protest Against Halos’ Proposed Anti-Homeless Wall Outside Angel Stadium

As your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim took on the Texas Rangers on Friday, about 20 homeless advocates took on the Halos in the street. Protesters gathered at the intersection of World Champion Way and Rampart to inform fans of how Arte Moreno is demanding a 12-foot wall across their parking lot to cover up the homeless riverbed. They set up across from the Karl Strauss Brewing Co, where many Angel fans took in the view of signs that read “Housing is a Human Right” and “Housing Not Walls” as they cracked open a cold one with their fellow fans. Meanwhile, just down the street on the riverbed, a 20-year-old Jessica cracked open her dinner– a can of chili beans.

Angels fans being Angels fans, many were still passing by the protestors during the 3rd inning as they entered the stadium. Advocates tried to inform them that Moreno’s proposed wall would get paid by the County aka their tax money. A few applauded their efforts and even gave out high fives and “Keep it up guy.” But Angels fans being Angels fans, the majority of fans just avoided eye contact—and the rest of them yelled things like “There are so many jobs, those people are just bums,” “Get those squatters out of here,” “There is housing; nobody wants them.” Maybe they’re just mad the Halos have hovered around .500 all season, and Albert Pujols is on pace for the lowest batting average of his career?

“As many people die as there is people getting housed, so that means you have a 50/50 chance of dying or receiving housing” said Tim Houchen as he greeted fans by the street light with his sign “House the Homeless.” “The Angels are Angels—they should be angels not hinder the homeless.”

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